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Champagne Showgirls

A pastel showgirl photoshoot spectacular in a dreamy art deco venue

5th & 6th April

Champagne Showgirls

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Time & Location

Saturday, 8 February 2025


About the event

Pop the bubbly and step into a world of pastel Paris! 

You’re invited to immerse yourself in the dreamy hues of Paris next spring, and embark on a sparkling adventure into the glittering Belle Époque underworld of fin-de-siècle Montmartre.   

Glide through the pastel curtains of nineteenth century Paris into a world of razzle dazzle, where a shimmering blend of blush cabarets, sherbet sequinned showgirls and jaded emcees of a bygone era show there’s no edge to the stage.   

Times may have changed but here, we live only in the moment. Countless secrets hide behind the chorus line, and the spotlight is on you.    

The City of Light waits awaits..

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