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Event Booking Terms & Conditions

What you need to know…

Our events are highly styled, and we often book unique venues. Whilst we try our hardest not to be too strict, we do have a few golden rules that we stick to and that are non-negotiable.

• Strictly no nudity or levels higher than fashion are to be shot at our events
It’s in our contracts with the venues that we are strictly ‘fashion only’. We are family friendly and often have budding teenage photographers and stylists coming along to see what we do. That means no lingerie / nudity of any type or any provocative / suggestive / vulnerable posing.

• Absolutely no ‘paparazzi photography’ is permitted
One to one shooting opportunities are really important to us so please do refrain from over-the-shoulder shooting – you’ll be reminded of the ‘no paps’ rule and if you’re a
repeat offender, you will be asked to leave.

• Credit the Creatives
We’ll send everyone a list of social media handles for all creatives involved from each set, so should you wish to post any images, you know who to tag. We welcome you to post behind the scenes stories on your social media platforms with the designers and venues tagged throughout the event – they’re not always on set and it’s a lovely window for them to look through and see what we’re up to.


We currently accept payments via multiple methods and can offer discounted tickets when paying in full online in advance of the event. Should you need to pay by invoice, we will issue you with one when you request a place at one of our events. In these cases, our events require a 50% booking fee to secure your place. This is non-refundable. Unless previously agreed, this booking fee must be paid within a week of receiving your invoice, we cannot hold a place any longer than this. The remainder must be settled prior to the event, or we may not be able to permit entry.


We do not generally offer refunds in the event of cancellation by the photographer. We do however appreciate cancellations can be unavoidable, so we will endeavour to rebook a vacancy on an event if given enough notice to do so. If we can successfully fill your cancellation, then a partial or full refund may be given depending on the circumstances, the amount of notice given, and the costs involved in refilling your space. The preparation and running of our events require a great deal of administration and time and it’s for that reason that we only offer refunds in special circumstances, which are at our discretion and as a gesture of goodwill.


There are of course situations that arise of which we would offer a full refund should these situations occur. These are:

• If a model line-up changes that is significantly different to the line-up you originally booked and paid for (although if you still wish to attend the event, a refund would not be due)

• In the unlikely event of having to move venue or location (although if you still wish to attend the event, a refund would not be due)

• If it becomes necessary for us to cancel the event, you will be offered two options of compensation: a transfer of your payment to a future event, OR a full refund of your money.

• If we are forced to cancel an event due to a directive from Government, we will look to offer a full refund or a similar experience to you. Beyond cancelling the event completely, we may choose to postpone and reschedule it, in which case we can transfer your booking to the new date or, if you can’t make that date, to a different event. If you aren’t available to attend either of the new dates, we will of course refund you in full.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave the event if you display unacceptable behaviour that leads us to feel you could have a detrimental effect on the reputation of our business and/or the customer satisfaction of the other photographers, models and/or members of our staff and creative team. In this instance any monies paid will not be refunded.

Cooling Off Period

You automatically get a ‘cooling-off period’ when you book onto an event with us, in accordance with Consumer Contracts Regulations. As we are a photographic events service and not a provider of physical goods, your 14-day cooling off period starts the day after you enter the contract for our service (the date in which monies are received from you at initial booking i.e., the date that you paid your booking fee). If you choose to cancel within this time frame for whatever reason, you’ll be entitled to receive your money back in full. This money will be paid back to you via the same means in which you paid it within 14 days from the final date of your cooling off period. Once your cooling off period has ended, you will not be eligible for a refund, unless for a reason otherwise stated above (see ‘Cancellations/Refunds’).

Image Rights

Whilst we want to provide the opportunity for you to create incredible images, we are not able to allow commercial photography. Everyone involved in the running of our events; locations, models, designers, and organisers are all compensated with a non-commercial rate. Therefore, unless otherwise agreed in advance, any images produced on our events must not be sold, publicised, or used for commercial purposes in any form (this includes content sites).

If you are not earning anything of monetary value, you are permitted for the following personal use of the images created on our events; portfolio usage both in print and online hosting sites, social media, entries into photographic competitions/salons and panel submissions to photography societies. If in the future, you wish to use images created on one of our events for commercial purposes or request publication usage this must be discussed and agreed with us as well as the model involved and the location too - further fees/royalties may apply. Any photographer wishing to use a model release must discuss this with us prior to the event. The model(s) do reserve the right to refuse to sign. Please be aware that they must state personal use only to adhere to our terms and conditions or they will not be considered in the first place. No form of contract or model release will be signed without prior notice.

Photographers attending our events implicitly agree to respect the models levels at all times. The model alone reserves the right to ask for an image to be removed/deleted should they deem it to be above their levels. We do not and will not tolerate photographers disrespecting the models or refusing to adhere to their individual terms and stated levels.

We do ask that any forms of media created during our event are clearly and properly credited for all creatives involved. Whether this be final edited images, behind the scenes videos, travel blogs/vlogs and/or back of camera images.

Risk Assessment Measures

We carry out thorough risk assessments for every set, venue (both inside and in the grounds) and for the overarching event itself. You will be fully briefed on any potential hazards that may present themselves. As these have been carried out to HSE standards, we ask that you do not adjust, move or alter any of the existing sets or build any new sets without our knowledge as this will deem any risk assessments null and void.

First Aid / Emergencies

We have a qualified First Aider on site at every event in the case of an emergency. As our events are often based in rural locations, you will be given the location address alongside the venues what3words address which will pinpoint our exact location to services to use in the case of emergency. At this time, and in line with the HSE guidelines, all first aid assistance will be delivered from a safe distance wherever possible and if this can’t be maintained, PPE will be worn.

Insurance and Damages We would like to clarify that we are not responsible for anyone other than ourselves. We can-not be held liable for any loss or damage to your belongings or equipment, that responsibility is yours alone. Furthermore, if you take any unnecessary risks when shooting without our knowledge or against our advice, we will not assume any liability for any injuries caused. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you have up to date and sufficient photographic/liability/health/travel insurance. We hire luxury locations for our events, some of which require a security deposit. They have incredibly delicate and expensive furnishings so please do not attempt to move any furniture. If you cause any damages through misuse or accidental damages to either the location, the wardrobe provided or the lighting equipment available you will be solely responsible for any costs involved in compensating the owner of the property/designer/organisers for replacing/repairing the damages caused. We would appreciate total honesty if you were to cause damage, please do not try to hide it. If you discover that something is not working, please advise us as soon as possible. If you require help setting up or moving equipment please ask. Do take care when moving equipment around the location to ensure you do not cause damage.

We will provide you with an information form that must be filled in and returned to us prior to you attending our event. We will not be able to accept your attendance at the event without this being completed and returned to us no later than 7 days prior to the event taking place. It is your responsibility to ensure we are made aware of any special requirements, allergies, or health issues.


If you or anyone you know has displayed any COVID-19 symptoms up to 14 days before the event we ask that you do not attend.

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