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A Day of Burlesque

A creative lighting workshop, packed with bold lighting sets for burlesque silhouettes!

19th October 2024

A Day of Burlesque

Educator : Jason @creativelightlessons
in partnership with

Time & Location

Saturday, 19 October 2024


About the event

Join us for a dazzling Moulin Rouge-inspired lighting workshop where photographers will step into a world of vibrant color, dramatic shadows, and electrifying stage effects! 

You'll learn how to recreate the mesmerizing ambiance of the iconic Parisian cabaret, mastering techniques to illuminate elaborate costumes and enhance the sultry atmosphere. 

From rich, saturated reds to sparkling spotlights, this workshop will teach you how to infuse your photography with the passion and romance of the Moulin Rouge, ensuring every shot is a show-stopping spectacle!

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