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A summer masquerade photoshoot in an eclectic country estate

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September 2024 / 10am - 5.30pm


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Time & Location

Saturday, 21 September 2024


About the event

Just before the leaves begin to fall and in the balmy summer breeze, a secret gathering awaits…

For the first time ever, we're throwing a Renaissance masked rendezvous, and you're invited! 

Step into a world where fine art meets fashion and designer disguises reign the frame.  Identities are concealed and head turning outfits fit for any Masked Ball unveil the last of the Summer's opulence. But beware, dear guests, for amidst the laughter and the swirling dances, lies a puzzle waiting to be solved. 

Set amongst a sprawling country manor house, the guests inside don their masks to conceal their identities amidst the flickering candlelight and velvet-draped corridors.

Do you dare to discover who lies beneath the masks?

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