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  • Murder on the Express is a two day photographic weekend taking place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2024 from 10am until 5.30pm at a vintage train station. 

    The exact location of this event is revealed to photographers when booking on to the event.

    Timing: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2024 / 10am to 5.30pm

    Location: Essex, UK

  • Tucked away amidst the labyrinthine alleys of old Essex lies a hidden gem frozen in time – a vintage train station that whispers tales of a bygone era.

    This clandestine haven is a portal to the past, where the clatter of antique locomotives and the soft hiss of steam still dance through the air. Step through its wrought-iron gates and be transported to a world where polished brass and weathered timbers tell the stories of countless journeys.

    The station's timeworn benches bear witness to secret rendezvous, farewells and a heinous crime. Here, time stands still, and each creaking floorboard conceals echoes of travelers from generations past.. Can you uncover the secrets the station holds?



    Attendees at this event will be able to get hands on with Hobolite's advanced lighting equipment for creative shooters.


    Guests can claim up to 10% off the SRP of selected products at the event.

    ​Find out more at


    Amateur Photographer is the UK's biggest selling photography magazine and is respected for its authority and independence. AP is the bible for both amateur and professional photo-enthusiasts and photographers around the world.


    Guests can claim up to 10% off an AP Magazine subscription alongside having the opportunity to have their work featured in the world’s oldest consumer photography magazine, and the only printed weekly photo magazine.

    Find out more at

    • We pride ourselves on our inclusive experiences, so please come as you are

    • Lunch is provided for full-day bookers, so please bear this in mind if you are only booking a half-day pass

    • Refreshments will be available for everyone throughout the day


    • Our team are happy to provide any support you may like during your experience, from lighting to composition

    • We ask that all of our photographers respect each other and our models


    • By booking a place at this event, you agree to abide by our event terms and conditions
      You can contact us anytime with any questions you may have

Tracks of Deception : All Aboard to Uncover the Truth

All is not as it seems!

It's the era of the Golden Age of Cinema and a heinous crime has been committed, and it's up to you and your fellow photographer sleuths to unravel the enigma.

Immerse yourself in a world of Film Noir secrets, red herrings, and hidden clues as you interrogate suspects, decode cryptic messages, and piece together the puzzle.

Don your finest attire, channel your inner detective, and embark on a gripping Film Noir thrilling journey where every passenger is a potential suspect.

Will you solve the mystery before the final destination?




(Half Day)



Max. 3 photographers per model 

- 2x unique sets 

- Couture styling  

- Full use of lighting equipment from The Flash Centre

- Refreshments 

- Onsite support 


(Full Day)



Max. 3 photographers per model 

- 4x unique sets 

- Couture styling  

- Full use of lighting equipment from The Flash Centre

- Refreshments 

- Onsite support 


(2 Days)



Max. 3 photographers per model

- 8x unique sets

- Couture styling 

- Full use of lighting equipment from The Flash Centre

- Lunch and refreshments

- Onsite support


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