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Everyone knows about our iconic events. Few know about Secret Sessions...

Intimate, one-day styled shoots, these very exclusive events are invite-only and one of our best kept secrets over the past few years.


These won't appear on social media.


You won't even find them in the menu for this website.


In fact, they're so exclusive that your invitation will come in the post, delivered by hand, rather than email. 

We'll host one of these a quarter, with just nine spaces available per Secret Session. They'll feature some of the brightest up-and-coming faces of the dance and fashion world, cutting-edge British designers and best-in-class cinematic lighting products from leading innovators Rotolight – and they'll be hosted in under-the-radar locations.

Secret Sessions are home to the unusual, little-known wonders within just an hour's drive from London. From opulent period homes to mission-sensitive aircraft hangars, forgotten cinemas to underground bunkers, we'll take you on a journey to locations that few others get to see...

How Do Secret Sessions Work?

Join the Secret
Email us here – and don’t change the subject line. We’ll message you to get your address for your personal and posted invitation.

Arrive Incognito
Make sure you’re not being followed! You’ll need a password for entry into each location.

Explore New Worlds with Your Camera
Leave nothing but your footprints, take nothing but pictures. We’ll only be running each Secret Session once and to a small number of people, giving you the opportunity to capture truly unique, one-off images.

Don't Tell Your Friends
Secret Sessions are just that - they're only available to those we know.

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Shhh... are you free in August?

Event: Hollywood Boulevard
Location: London
Date: Sat 5th Aug
Max. Spaces: 10
Timings: 12pm-5.30pm (arrivals from 11.30am), refreshments included
Price: £375

Roll back the clock to the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema, where the vintage classics never get old.

We're puttin' on the glitz with a star-studded cast inspired by the era's trailblazers, amongst a trove of memorabilia from cinema's glory days of the '30s, '40s and '50s.

Movie theatres and cinematic glam might be a dime a dozen in Tinseltown, but Hollywood Boulevard is a reel above the rest.

The cameras will soon be rolling; are you ready for your close up?


Once home to Charlie Chaplin, now a trove of movie memorabilia, it's one of London's best kept secrets; a loved silver-screen shrine preserving and celebrating every aspect of cinema-going in the 20th century.

In an uncanny location, stashed away behind the melee of London, its secretive nature and odd opening hours means that many don't know of its existence. Even if your taste is more popcorn blockbusters and fancy multiplexes, it's impossible not to be seduced by a place this evocative of a bygone age.

It has the air of a grandad's attic grown wild. It is at once charmingly organised and disorganised — strewn throughout various rooms, stairwells and corridors of the former Lambeth workhouse, with ticket machines, kiosks, projectors, autographed pictures of long lost stars and signs that optimistically state: 'Queue Here'.

If ever there was a cinema laced with nostalgia, this is it.

Interested? Let us know ASAP

Psst... have you met our partners?

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Needing no introduction, Rotolight is a pioneering British technology company, specialising in creating award-winning LED lighting products for photographers and filmmakers - and we’re proud to have them as partners.

Those lucky few who make it onto our Secret Sessions will get to check out their new - and truly revolutionary - PRO lighting products first-hand!

Find out more at

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